Puerto del Leon / Fuente de la Reina
932 m.a.s.l.

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To find this pass you can follow one of road bike routes:

West side: RB-04, RB-08, RB-15, RB-17
East side: RB-06

Puerto del Leon / Fuente de la Reina

Puerto del Leon / Fuente de la Reina (932 m.a.s.l.) – we are starting with a mighty climb directly from Malaga city centre. A 16km long ascent to Puerto del Leon can be done from both sides: starting in the centre straight up or a mild version through quarter El Palo and then up through village Olias to get another perspective of beautiful views over the shoreline and the deforested region called Axarquia.

Climbing directly over A-7000 from the centre has a few slopes and even some 'Spanish flats parts' (meaning parts under 4%). From time to time you will get amazing views over the Bay of Malaga and the shoreline when the forest view is open. At the top comes many beautiful views over the shoreline, N.P. Mountains of Malaga and the farther ranges of mountains that it seems to be from another planet.

Climbing from the East to Puerto del Leon is a bit longer, about 20km. At first a winding road to Olias will prepare you for the steep part before you reach a T-junction for restaurant Venta Galwey and proper pass. The Wall of Olias is almost one km long, but views over peak Santopitar will cause you to forget about any suffering. At the top come more amazing views and restaurants to sit and celebrate your effort.