RB-15 : Personal Uphill Challenge




Cycling route: Malaga > Puerto del Leon > La Cala del Moral > Totalan > Olias > Malaga

Cycling map for road bike routes Malaga – Personal Uphill Challenge

Distance: 71.66km
Elevation gain: 1814m
Elevation max: 935m

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Road bike route description

This route is dedicated to those people interested in climbing hills.

It starts in Malaga center leading to the road A-7000 called Camino de Colmenar. You have some 16km of a steady climb to the pass Puerto del Leon [900 m.a.s.l.]. Then keep on till the T-junction next to the restaurant Venta Galwey, turn right for Olias / Comares. After 4 km, turn right again to descent to Olias. Continue through the village via the road A-7001 which goes to Malaga – El Palo.

In El Palo turn right and immediately left to go close to the beach. Then again turn left and follow the signs for La Cala del Moral through the road MA-24 for 2km. It is partly highway but it is allowed to cycle. Turn for La Cala del Moral and on the first crossroad go towards Totalan, on the MA-3202. You will get a few short climbs and in front of Totalan, turn left for Olias again.

You will get to the end of the valley, then climb to village. In Olias, follow the same road along the hermitage and finally, you will be rewarded by going downhill full of views over the see and El Palo. In El Palo turn right and keep on for Malaga center.

Good kms and elevation!