Bicycle Accessories for rent

Bicycle accessories – pedals

Clip-In Pedals

SPD, SPD-SL, Look Keo

Rental fee per day: 1€

Our bikes can be equipped with clip-in pedals on demand.

We offer:
- SPD (1)
- SPD-SL (2)
- LOOK KEO (3) – attention: not compatible with LOOK DELTA pedals!

If you are going to use our pedals, please make sure that you order the right ones. Here you can check the cleats compatible with our pedals.

Bicycle accessories – Garmin

Navigation system

Garmin Edge Explore

Rental fee per day: 5€

On all our Garmin Edge Explore GPS devices, we have installed recommended road bike routes and mountain bike tracks. The tracks on our website, as well as the ones on the GPS devices, have the same numbers (e.g. RB-01). We can also lend you a USB Cable in case you want to save your recorded rides. For those who want to use the Garmin as a pure navigation system (without using our pre-installed tracks) and have never used a Garmin before, we strongly recommend that you become familiar with its use beforehand and check this users manual.

Bicycle accessories – cycling bidon

Cycling bidon

Cycling bottle 100% biodegradable

Price 500ml: 5€
Price 700ml: 7€

Introducing our eco-friendly cycling bidons, crafted from biodegradable materials and featuring our logo, for guilt-free hydration on the go. Available in two sizes, 500ml and 700ml.

Bicycle accessories – Garmin

Phone holder

Smart Grip Smartphone Holder

Rental fee per day: 2€

The Lezyne Smart Grip Mount is a versatile, easy-to-use smartphone mount that securely straps to nearly all styles of bicycle handlebars. Compatible with almost all modern smartphones.

Bicycle accessories – Garmin

Light set

Light set

Rental fee per day: 2€

Font and rear lights for road bikes, gravel bikes and MTBs. For seatposts ø 22,2 – 31,8 mm.

Bike rental in Malaga – child bicycle trailer

Child bike trailer

Burley Bee Single

Rental fee per day: 10€

From now on, nothing stops you from your family adventure with the little ones. Our new Burley Child Trailer Bee Single brings your family safe and secure to the destination, and this with a lot of fun not only for the little ones. It is easy and fast to mount on our bikes and has comfortable seating for one or two children, UPF 50+ tinted windows and plenty of cargo space. Start your family outdoor adventure now and rent our Burley Bee!
Bicycle accessories – bike luggage rack for gravel bikes and MTB

Luggage rack for gravel y MTB


Montage fee per bike/booking: 15€

This option is valid for our gravel bikes, MTBs and E-MTBs which don't have the luggage rack pre-installed.

Peso: 705 g
Carga máxima: 25 kg

Bicycle accessories – panniers


Ortlieb Classic

Rental fee per day per pannier: 3€

Our panniers are dustproof and waterproof. Thanks to the rapid fastening system, they are easily mounted and fully compatible to all our rear racks. Even when fully loaded, the bags remain secure, without shifting or twisting.

Volumen: 15–20l.

Bike accessories – seat pack

Seat pack

Ortlieb Seat-Pack L

Rental fee per day: 3€

The waterproof and dustproof Orltieb Seat-Pack keeps its contents safe and dry. The Seat-Pack serves as a backpack when you're out on a day ride or a longer distance trip, no matter if you ride a hybrid bike, a mountain bike, a road bike or an electric bike.

Volumen: 16.5l.

Bike accessories – bike rack

Bike Rack

Bike racks for cars

Rental fee per day: 5€

Our bike racks can transport up to 3 bikes. For the attachment, you won't need any special equipment. It is easy to handle and can attach to almost any vehicle.

Cycling maps Andalusia

Maps & Guides

Andalusia Maps

Free of charge

We have great printed maps, kindly provided by our friends at You can also check these maps and guides online here, on our homepage in the section titled Maps & Information and also on These maps can be a useful addition to your Cycling Routes.