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At bike2malaga, we're at the forefront of cycling adventures, offering thrilling rides through the enchanting landscapes of the Malaga region in Southern Spain. From mountain trails to scenic road and gravel routes, we specialize in providing our guests with unforgettable cycling experiences.

Job position –Road Bike, MTB or Gravel Bike Guide

Job overview

We're on the lookout for dynamic and personable individuals to join our team as Road Bike Guide, MTB Guide or Gravel Bike Guide. As a crucial part of our crew, you'll be entrusted with curating top-notch single or multi-day road bike tours, showcasing the diverse beauty of the Malaga region. Your role involves leading rides, providing support, and ensuring our guests have an exceptional time exploring the captivating routes on their bikes.

  • Guide bike tours, prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of our guests
  • Take the lead on the bike or handle support vehicles as required
  • Undertake general maintenance tasks, showcasing your bicycle mechanic skills
  • Ensure the overall well-being and satisfaction of our guests throughout the journey
  • Collaborate seamlessly with the team to create a positive and memorable experience for our cyclists
Minimum Requirements
  • Demonstrable experience in a cycling guide role or customer-facing position
  • Proficiency in bike maintenance tasks
  • Possession of a clean driving license (manual vehicles) valid in Europe.
  • Strong command of English, complemented by a basic proficiency in Spanish. Other languages are plus
  • Excellent navigational skills
Preferred Skills & Experience
  • Proven customer service experience
  • Past involvement in organizing and leading cycling tours
  • Adept cycling skills coupled with exceptional bike mechanic abilities
  • Strong physical fitness to meet the demands of the role
  • Proficiency in route planning to enhance the overall tour experience
  • Experience driving vans and providing vehicle support for cycling groups
  • Fluency in a second language (preferably German or Dutch)
Additional Information
  • All guides must present current First Aid certification before commencement of work
  • Prospective candidates are encouraged to submit their CV and a compelling cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., outlining their suitability for the position