RB-24 : Torre del Mar > Trapiche > Canillas de Aceituno > Torre del Mar




Cycling route:  Torre del Mar > Trapiche > Canillas de Aceituno > Sedella > Salares > Arenas > Torre del Mar

Cycling map for road bike routes Malaga Costa del Sol - Torre del Mar - Canillas de Aceituno

Distance: 66.06km
Elevation gain: 1498m
Elevation max: 708m

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Road bike route description

It is another nice but shorter loop above the shoreline and under Maroma Peak. Not long but with the significant gained elevation.

From Torre del Mar take a north leg of the N-340a to enter Velez-Malaga. Ride through it and take the A-7205 going over Trapiche. On the crossroad with the MA-125 turn right straight up for Canillas de Aceituno. Some 7km to the village with the nice views over the valley and massif ahead of you. Go through the village and via the MA-126/127, later the MA-4108 ride over Salares, Sedella to Archez. It is a nice route at the bottom of the hill with the views around. There are some steep parts are on the track but really short ones.

In Archez turn right in the direction of Corumbela and Arenas on the road MA-116 and later MA-4111. The first part is mild and when you pass Corumbela the top is close. Then 20km of downhill back to Velez-Malaga.
Entering the city, turn left and then on the same road ride back to Torre Mar.