RB-18 : Malaga > El Chorro > Teba > El Burgo > Alozaina > Malaga




Cycling route: Malaga > El Chorro > Lakes Guadalhorce > Teba > Serrato > El Burgo > Yunquera > Alozaina > Zalea > Malaga

Cycling map for road bike routes Malaga – El Chorro-Teba-El Burgo-Alozaina

Distance: 185.46km
Elevation gain: 2796m
Elevation max: 923m

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Road bike route description

It is a nice and long circular route through the valley behind Malaga called Hoya de Malaga, along the gorge El Chorro to the lakes, and a return via famous passes Aire and Abejas

We start in the center of Malaga following the streets Marmoles / Maldonado / Avenida de Carlos Haya taking a direction University for 200 meters and turn right again to Campanillas. In Campanillas you have to change for the A-7054, the direction of Pizzara. Next, change for the MA-343 to go to Alora and turn to enter the town. You will go on the A-7077 which goes partly through the city and then continue to El Chorro. You will enjoy firstly a light climb to the crown of the lakes GuadaltebaGuadalhorceConde Guadalhorce. It is a nice place to get refreshment.

After a short break, you keep towards the main crown and turn left for Campillos / Teba via the MA-451/MA-7286. It is a nice panoramic road between 2 lakes which leads to the crossroad. You should keep still for Teba and then turn left for Camping Guadalhorce. When you see a main road, turn right and immediately left for Teba through the C-341. Since this moment cycle all the time towards Ronda via the A-367. On the crossroad for Serrato, turn left, the road MA-477/MA-5400. The excellent asphalt and climb to the pass b (930 m.a.s.l.) fluctuating between 6% and 18% will test you well. The second part involves the impressive downhill to El Burgo.

The last climb to Puerto de Abejas (820 m.a.s.l.) which was many times done by the racers during La Vuelta race will finish your daily elevation. The nice road and later a nice downhill to Alozaina will reward you. On the first roundabout in Alozaina take left to Casarabonela / Zalea via the A-354. When you are close to Casarabonela, turn right to keep on the A-354 to Zalea / Pizarra. From Pizzara follow the same route back to Malaga.