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The E-MTB Bike Tour Malaga leads you on a journey into the heart of nature, where the enchanting Natural Park 'Montes de Malaga' unfolds just beyond the northern outskirts of Malaga. Here, you'll be surrounded by an untouched pine forest park, ready to delight you with captivating cycling paths and scenic hiking trails, unveiling the unspoiled natural beauty of the Malaga region and offering unforgettable views.

Our adventure begins with a ride to the Botanical Garden along the Guadalmedina River, which then leads us into our charming mountains 'Montes de Malaga.' We make a stop at the Guadalmedina River dam, which forms the reservoirs of Malaga, providing a scenic viewpoint. Here, you'll have the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of Malaga and visit the lakeside. As the water levels recede, you can even observe ancient ruins at the bottom of one of these lakes.

Continuing our bicycle journey, we'll ascend from sea level to an elevation of 500 meters over a 7-kilometer climb. Upon reaching the historic A-7000 road, a former route connecting Malaga to Granada, we pause to enjoy breathtaking views of Malaga. Here, you can opt for a coffee and tapas break (not included) to recharge.

After our break, you have a choice: Take the faster route, returning along the asphalt road, reveling in the forest's beauty, or embark on the adventurous path. On the adventurous cycling route, we continue to ascend for another kilometer, culminating in an exhilarating yet technically challenging off-road ascent – a truly unforgettable conclusion to our remarkable journey.

The bike tour proceeds with our top-notch E-mountainbikes, the latest generation of electric mountain bikes that effortlessly transport you to every point of this exciting bicycle adventure in Malaga.

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Guided E-Bike Tour from Malaga – E-Mountain BIke Tour Montes de Malaga

Bike tour details

Duration: aprox. 3 hrs
Distance: 25 km
Elevation: 472m
Available: every day at 10h and 13.30h (min 2 people)



- Rosaleda Football Stadium of Malaga FC
- Botanical Garden of Malaga
- El Limonero Lake
- Natural Park 'Montes de Malaga'
- Coffee break with beautiful view over Malaga city
- Conde de Ureña quarter of Malaga
- Optional: breathtaking downhill on path 119 (sendero PRA-119)


price per person
e-bike inclusive

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