Pottery workshop and handmade ceramic store in Malaga

We're excited to introduce you to our second project, a unique handmade ceramic store in the heart of Malaga. So, if you're looking to add a touch of authentic Andalusian art to your Malaga adventure, be sure to explore the pottery workshop of Pintarroja Ceramic, located in the historic old town of Málaga.

Here, you'll discover a wealth of unique handmade pieces of contemporary ceramic art and exquisitely handcrafted tableware. The ceramic art studio doesn't adhere to fixed opening hours, but it's typically open between 10h and 14h from Monday to Friday. Feel free to drop by and check, or contact the artist via phone or WhatsApp to arrange a suitable time for your visit.

To learn more about the local ceramic artist, you can visit Pintarroja's website – pintarrojaceramic.com – or admire her creations on Instagram – @pintarroja.ceramic, or contact her by phone or Whatsapp by +34 606 59 59 97.