El Torcal
1225 m.a.s.l.

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El Torcal

Mighty Natural Park El Torcal (1225 m.a.s.l), a jewel of the region, and possibly a destiny for many travelers lacking a bit of karst formation from Mesozoic Era.

Great for all cyclists, this hill and rock formation offers big pleasure. Probably the best and most impressive option to reach the top is to start in Antequera city. To come from Malaga, it could be too exhausting at times, as it is almost 50km to the top.

This 15km long climb offers everything: steady part, steep ramps, middle pass called Boca del Asno, nice asphalt, rough part and even a few areas of more then 15% of gradient. This is the highest point you can reach in Malaga Province, and best of all, at the top there are spectacular views, impressive rock formations and a restaurant.