RB-05 : Malaga > Casabermeja > Riogordo >Torre del Mar > Malaga




Cycling route: Malaga > Casabermeja > Colmenar > Riogordo > Periana > Viñuela > Velez-Malaga > Torre del Mar > Malaga

Cycling map for road bike routes Malaga – Malaga-Casabermeja-Riogordo-Torre del Mar

Distance: 118.36km
Elevation gain: 1844m
Elevation max: 740m

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Road bike route description

It is a nice trip from Malaga leading over Axarquia, the eastern micro-region of the Malaga Province. There are enough kms and elevation too.

Start by climbing along the old road to Casabermeja behind the city of Malaga by the road MA-3101. This triple hill has 3 different parts connected with the false flat sections, in total 20km of ascent. On the pass Patas Cortas there are stunning views and a nice descent towards the village Casabermeja. Get refreshment and keep on in the direction of Colmenar over the A-356. Going through Colmenar, take direction Riogordo through the back road A-7204. It is a nice and fast 7km long descent with some destroyed parts but there is always enough space to go through an ongoing lane :-).

Riogordo is another white village of Axarquia with the possibilities of refreshment. Then continue on the A-7204 following the signs for Mondron / Viñuela. After 2km a roundabout with the A-356 comes, take right and enter the A-356 direction Viñuela / Velez-Malaga / Torre del Mar.< At the beginning, 10km of the undulated road with the views over the lake Viñuela and the peak Maroma, then you ride along the village Trapiche and the city Velez-Malaga until you come to Torre del Mar, almost 30km on the same road.

In Torre del Mar you ride the coastal road N-340 leading back to Malaga. The Last 30km are to relax along the shoreline.