Bicycle route to the Wеst Coast of Malaga




1. Plaza de la Marina

The bike route starts at the Plaza de la Marina in front of the Malaga Harbour. It heads to the West direction towards the river Guadalmedina. We prefer to cycle on the quiet roads inside the harbour as it leads you to the beginning of the Beach Promenade. You can also cycle through the city.

2. Guadalmedina

On the way, you'll pass the river Guadalmedina. This river is mostly dry and is flooded by the dam during heavy rains. Because of that, northwards the malaguean enjoy jogging or to play football inside of the river bed.

3. CAC – Museo y Centro de Arte Contemporаneo (Center for Contemporary Art)

If you cycle trough the city, you'll pass the CAC Museum. The CAC has changing contemporary art exhibitions and is well worth a visit.

4. Huelin

This district was created by workers in times of the industrialization in the 19th century. Here once stood the industrial factories such as textile, tobacco and flour mills, railroad and chemical plants.  Also remaining from this time are some factory chimneys. You'll also pass a small park, Parque Huelin.

5. Tabacalera – The Old Tobacco Factory

The complete name is Real Fabrica de Tabacos de Malaga. Today in the buildings, there is located the Automobile Museum of Malaga and the Russian Museum.

6. Misericordia Beach

Follow the bike path and you'll arrive to Miserecordia Beach, it is one of the most popular places for the people of Malaga to enjoy the sun and the sea.

Here are many fish restaurants that invite you to an Espeto de Sardina and many other local delicacies.

7. The factory chimney Los Guindos

Chimenea Los Guindos is located directly on the bike path. The factory served the processing of lead, which was delivered from Jaen, and it was one of the many factories on this part of the coast. This chimney was built in 1922 and in its day it was the highest chimney of Spain (around 100m). It was actively used until 1979.

8. Chimney of the power station and the Sacaba District

On your right you can see another chimney that has remained from that time. After which you will arrive to the last point of Malaga, Sacaba Beach.The next city on the coast is Torremolinos. Between Malaga and Torremolinos there the mouth of the Guadalhorce River. You can cycle on the unpaved roads along the river. At the moment, to cross the river, you have to take the second bridge that you see on your right. Just cycle below the first one (highway bridge) and cross the river by the second one, which is suitable for cyclists and pedestrians.

9. Guadalhorce River

This is the biggest and the most important river of Malaga province. The Guadalhorce Valley is a very fertile land and is used for agriculture, mostly for local markets. Located here, there are a lot of bio and ecological farms.

10. Estadio Martin Carpena – Sports Arena

Here are taking place the games of the famous basketball team Club Baloncesto Unicaja Malaga.

11. Natural area of the Estuary of the Guadalhorce

This is a really beautiful place where you can enjoy the tranquility and observe a variety of bird species. There are a lot of paths where you can cycle; several lagoons, river banks, view points with some information and lonely beaches.

After the bridge, follow the unpaved road towards the sea, passing under the first Bridge (A7) and then go over a small bridge, which you'll see on your left, this is the entrance to the park.

12. Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a capital and mecca of the Spanish mass tourism. To get there please take an asphalt road on your right, after the small bridge to the Natural Park (there is no way along the beach). You'll pass a small urbanization called San Julian, cycle around the golf camp and get to the Guadalmar Beach, a local kite spot. After this, begins the Beach Promenade of Torremolinos.

13. Alamos Beach

The most famous beach of Torremolinos. There are a lot of modern bars and restaurants. Sometimes there are celebrated concerts, festivals and street markets.

14. Beach promenade: Torremolinos and Benalmadena

When you continue to cycle, after a small rock formation, you'll get to the Beach Promenade of Benalmadena. On the way you can take a trip into the Old Town of Torremolinos, keep an eye out for the signs to the 'Casco Antiguo' (Old Town).

15. Benalmadena Puerto Marina

In the port of Benalmadena, you can find magnificent yachts, restaurants and shops. It's also famous for its nightlife, bars and nightclubs.

16. Benalmadena

Here you are about 20 kilometres away from Malaga. A highlight in Benalmadena is the beach in Arroyo de la Miel. Above the town there is also much to see; a Buddhist Temple, a water park, Teleférico (cable car up to the highest mountain in the area), Mariposario (The Butterfly Park) and much much more.

This ends the cycling paths along the coast, from here we recommend you go back to Malaga. But in case you haven’t had enough of cycling, you can continue to Fuengirola on the roads, some 10km more.

17. Fuengirola

After the Port of Benalmadena, the Beach Promenade ends, you'll have to share the road with cars. At the end, on the coast line, you can visit Castillo Sohail, the ruins of the small medieval castle.

18. Castillo Sohail

The Sohail Castle, built around 945, has no special features, it's just a nice place with beautiful views from the top.

From here there is no cycling path along the coast. In case you still didn't cycle enough :) please check our road bike routes in the mountains and book a road bike for your next cycling journey! :)