MB-05 Alfarnate Loop




A bit far away from the shoreline, there are a lot of nice places in the mountains and the plateau Depresion de Alfarnate is one of these. The loop is not long and is a combination of asphalt and off road, probably half and half, but still there is a significant gain in elevation. The main object should be the amazing view over the plateau from the highest point just above village.

Distance: 22km
Elevation gain: 536m

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Mountain bike route description

Starting from the main square and main bridge of Alfarnate, take the direction north-east for 5km. A muddy road called Camino del Alfarnate a Zafarraya is a gentle climb with a last short slope to reach the main road, A-341, on the km 4 of the track. Turn left for Loja enjoying the descent to a crossroad with MA-4100. Take the left, direction Villanueva del Trabuco (MA-4100), for another 3km.

After 3km you will find a turn left for natural fountain, Fuente de los 100 Caños, take this off road and start climbing again. From that point it is a moderate climb with some steep parts for next 3km. There are nice views over the Valley of Trabuco and tracking through the pines will bring you to the last hard climb.

After 14km, turn left to attempt the last 2 hard kilometers with a continuous inclination of over 10%. Reaching the highest point of the loop, a 1133 m.a.s., you will get nice views and fresh air. An amazing picnic spot. The downhill from this pass is short and steep with rocks so be careful. This section is more suitable for full suspension, although it is only 2km.

On the T-Junction take a right and to the restaurant Venta de Alfarnate turn left to come back to the village over the road MA-155.