Mountain Bike Routes in Malaga

MB-03 Coast route Malaga > Torre del Mar > Nerja




A very nice day trip that will take you all the way to Nerja. On your way you will see several cities, such as El Palo, Rincon de la Victoria, Torre del Mar and Torrox. You will also pass some great beaches. So there will be lots of opportunities to have some more stops.

Distance: 114km
Elevation gain: 514m

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Mountain bike route description

Let us begin at Plaza de la Marina in the center of Malaga (close to our shop). After crossing the main street (Av. Manuel Augustin Heredia) pass the harbor. Behind the light house the beach promenade begins. This is the way for you! Just keep rolling for some kilometers. Please ride slowly in this part of the route and respect the pedestrians. The road is always next to the sea and it is always going straight. The last beach of Malaga is El Palo, it's is very pretty and enjoyable to eat fish and sea fruits there.

After El Palo, between Malaga and La Cala de Moral, you can cycle the walking path next to the sea.  It starts after the small harbour El Candado.  The bicycle path in La Cala del Moral is found on the right side of the Beach Promenade over the sand.

Next, the promenade will take you to Rincon de la Victoria. After leaving the city you have two options to continue the way. We recommend that you follow the path close to the water until you reach Chilches, where it ends, and after take the asphalt road N-340, which goes straight to Nerja. On the way, you will pass some nice local beaches. You also have an option to take N-340 after Rincon de la Victoria and cycle trough the small cities on the coast.

The next city is Torre del Mar. Here you can also visit the Beach Promenade with bars and restaurants, or just follow to Nerja or if you wish, take the way back to Malaga.

After around 50km you will arrive to Nerja. Here we recommend that you go to the city center with the Balcon de Europe (just follow the signs). After a short break, you can also go to the Roman Aqueduct and the Caves of Nerja (4km from the city center). So that you see the most important sights, and when you are ready for the way back home, just head back to local road N-340. It is the same way again, which means that you just have to go straight the whole way. It could also be nice to have some additional stops in Torrox, maybe in small villages along the coast.

You can stay on that street all the way and it will take you back to Malaga city center. But when you come back to Chilches, you can also turn left to the beach promenade again.

This trail is straight on without climbing. So it is easy going but quite a distance!

Have a nice trip and enjoy the coastline!

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