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bike2malaga – Bike Tours & Rentals Malaga

You are kindly invited to visit us in our shop. For questions and wishes around bicycling in Malaga we are at your disposal. We are looking forward to welcome you here!...

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Where we are

Our shop is in the city center of Malaga on te street Hoyo de Esparteros 9, close to Mercado de Atarazanas.

Hoyo de Esparteros 9
29005 Malaga

Tel: (+34) 634 578 995
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Should I reserve a bike?

It's always better to reserve a bike, to make sure that the Trekking Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes are available. To make a reservation you can fill the reservation form, call us, send a mail, fill out our online form or simply visit our shop.

For a long-term reservation and for Trekking-, Mountain and Road bikes we ask you for a prepaid (20 Euro) per bank transfer or PayPal. In case of non-appearance the payment in advance won't be paid back, because we're not able to accept any other reservations for your reserved bike.

Which type of bike do you have for the city?

Our City Bikes are suitable for women as well as men. They have a classic form with a low double bar. Our Folding Bikes can be used by everyone as well.

Do you also rent Mountain Bikes and Racing Bikes?

Yes, we own a sufficient bike pool with Mountain Bikes as well as Road Bikes in different sizes. The needed tools for longer bike trips can be rented at our shop too. In addition we also offer Trekking Bikes (or Hybrid Bikes), which are a combination of Mountain- and Road Bike. For more information about these models check this link.

Is it possible to rent Electrical Bikes?

Yes, we have high quality E-Bikes to rent. For more information visit our website: E-BIke Rental Malaga.

How can I extend the rental period for a bike?

As long as we don't have any other reservations for this bike or we have sufficient other bikes of the same model available for other customers, you can extend the rental period at any time by calling, sending a mail or visiting our shop personally.

Can I return the bike before the contractually agreed time?

Of course you can return the bike anytime during our opening hours. But we would like to make you aware of the fact, that in this case, we can't pay off the difference.

Do I need a document, if I want to rent a bike?

Yes, to rent one of our bikes, it is important that you leave a document as a deposit in our shop. This can be one of the following: personal ID, passport, drivers licence, credit card. It is also possible to leave money as a deposit: 100 € for a City Bike, 200 € for a Trekking Bike or Mountain Bike and 300 € for a Road Bike. The deposit will not be used to pay the bike rent. We return the money or the document after you returned the bike.

Do I need to leave a deposit for each bike I rent?

If you want to rent more than one bike – for example with your family or friends – one document as a deposit is enough. The owner of the document will also be the signer of the contract and is responsible for the rented bike and tools. After all of the bikes and the tools have been returned, we'll hand out your document.

When and how do I pay for the rented bikes?

The amount of money has to be paid in cash right after you signed the contract.

Who is responsible for damages that occur during the rental period?

With the signing of the contract you take all the responsibility for damages that occur the rental period, except for damages caused by malfunction, defect in material or attrition.

Are the bikes insured during the rental period?

Our bikes are not insured. For you to enjoy your holiday more, we recommend you to get a travel insurance and make sure, that they cover the costs in case of bicycle theft.

What do I have to do in case of bike theft?

After you sign the contract, you take full responsibility for the rented bikes and equipment. If a bike is stolen, you'll have to refund our shop with the market price of the bike and the equipment. Since our bikes are not insured, we recommend you to get a travel insurance.

How can I protect the bike against theft?

We always give our customers the advice to always lock the bike and to not leave it unattended in low traffic areas or at night. In this article we published a guide, how to lock the bikes in Malaga or during your tours across Andalusia.

The lock will be included in your rental price. Our City Bikes have an additional wheel lock. We also recommend you to never leave Road Bikes unattended.

Which traffic rules do I need to care about?

The rules for using bikes can be read at the following traffic regulations. The original text is in Spanish, we made a translation for our customers and published it on our website. But we don't take any responsibility for their correctness or possible translation mistakes. The original text of the regulation can be found on the public website of the city Malaga.

Are there any bike paths I can use in Malaga?

Since a few years Malaga is trying to make the city friendlier for bikes. Now we have a network of biking paths for many parts of the city. A map with the routes in Malaga can be found here.

Do I have to wear a bike helmet?

Within the city it's not mandatory to wear a helmet. On the other hand you have to wear a helmet if you are cycling on the highways outside the city. We recommend your kids to always wear a helmet. The rental of helmets is for free.

Which streets and paths can I cycle on?

For cyclists it's forbidden to cycle on the highways. If possible always use the biking paths. When cycling on the walkway, please adapt your speed to the pedestrian. For more information check this article.

Is it possible to transport a second person on the bicycle rack?

That is not allowed, because it will damage the bike. In addition it is forbidden by the spanish traffic regulations. But we offer child seats and transports for little kids. (See details in our bike equipment section)

Do the bikes have lights?

Not all our bikes have lights. If you'll need for example a Trekking Bike at night, you can buy the according lights in our shop.

What do I do in case of a flat tire or damage caused by another person?

The Trekking-, Mountain- and Road Bikes come with a repair kit that is included in the rental price. We'd like to make you aware of the fact, that we don't refund repairs that are done outside our shop. In case of a flat tire or damages on the bike we don't offer a pick-up service but will always try to help you as good as we can. For the Trekking- and City Bikes we also offer a emergency anti-puncture foam, to pump up a flat tyre fast and easy.

Are there any maps for the bike routes?

At this moment we don't have any bike trail maps, but you'll find some information about different bike routes in Malaga and Andalusia on our website. In addition we gladly answer your questions concerning routes and give tips and advice. In our shop you will find maps of Málaga, its regions and other areas of Andalusia ready at your disposal. Some of the maps you can find also online on our homepage.

Do you also offer guided bike tours?

Of course. We offer a variety of different cycling tours in Malaga, bike tours in Marbella and organized bike tours around Andalusia.

Do I have to make a deposit if I want to join a guided bike tour?

To join a tour you don't need a deposit, but as a participant it is obligatory to follow the tour and stay with the group.

How can I book a tour with bike2malaga?

You can fill the reservation form, call, send a mail or visit our shop at Calle Hoyo de Esparteros 9, 29005 Malaga.