Bike rental & delivery service in Malaga

Bike rental & delivery service in Malaga

Would you like to get to know Malaga by bike, to do a mountain bike journey through the mountains of Malaga, or are you thinking about to discover the beautiful landscape of Andalusia or the famous 'pueblos blancos' – the white villages by bike? bike2malaga should be your first choice, because we can offer you everything you need for your next bicycle holidays to detect Malaga and it's surrounding by bike!...

Delivery and Pick Up

We also offer a delivery and a pick up service for our bikes in the province of Malaga

If you would like to order this delivery and pick up service of the bikes please contact us beforehand indicating the exact address of you hotel or apartment. Here you can find more information about the transporting service that we offer.

Guided bike tours

We also offer guided MTB tours in Malaga and road bike tours in Andalusia.

We offer a lot of different bike tours for people who are planning their cycling holiday in Malaga. Here you can find information about road bike cycling training in Andalusia or guided mountain bike tours in Malaga.

Hints to keep the bicycles safe in Malaga

How to lock bikes in Malaga

Basically Malaga is a safe city. But: like in every big city it is very important to follow some rules to avoid bicycle theft. Based on our experiences we have assembled some guidelines and tips, how to keep bicycles safe in Malaga. Please follow those guidelines to minimize the risk of bicycle theft.


Bicycle route to the east coast of Malaga

Malaga cyclie route to the East Coast

Cycling routes Malaga

Malaga cycling paths

Malaga cycling routes

easy | 15 km, linear

This bike route concentrates itself to the East of Malaga with it's old fisherman villages Pedregalejo and El Palo and passes by the beautiful beaches of the east coast of Malaga, the bike path between Malaga and La Cala del Moral and leads you at the end to Rincon de la Victoria.

The total distance for that bicycle route, which goes along flat terrain, is approximately 15 km. It is also possible only to go on a part of the whole route and you can start on every point you choose. There is no special physically constitution necessary to go on that cycle route. It is suitable for persons of every age, who like to bicycle. For our bike route to the east coast of Malaga every of our bicycle types is adequate.


Bicycle route to the west coast of Malaga

Bicycle path to Malaga west side

Bikcycle routes Malaga

Malaga bike paths

Malaga bike trails

easy | 30 km, linear

This bike tour is to the west of Malaga, passing by the beautiful beaches and attractions, which are located at the west coast of the city. Within the city, the route can be travelled mainly on bike paths. After leaving the city, there are sections without pavement. Between Benalmadena and Fuengirola there are sections where you have to go next to cars on busy roads and highways at times.

The total length of this route is about 30 km, which are easy to realize in a day. Those who do not want to ride a bike on country roads can end their trip in Benalmadena (ca. 20 km). The bike route is flat with no steep inclines and leads along the same path back to Malaga. For the section of Malaga to Benalmadena no special physical preparation is necessary. The section of Benalmadena to Fuengirola includes some inclines, which are not very high.

For this cycle route we recommend primarily touring bikes or mountain bikes, but it is also possible to do this tour on city bike.