Cycling holidays in Malaga

Cycling holidays in Malaga

There are many ways to discover foreign countries, but the best way is of course a cycling holiday in Spain! Spain is a well known region for cycling, so start planning your cycling holiday now! The whole Iberian Peninsula is being crossed by fans and professionals, but the perfect weather conditions and friendly atmosphere of Andalusia makes the south of Spain the best destinations to do the most beautiful sport in the world. In Malaga you will find our perfectly located port to start your biking holiday, You can cross the entire region; through scenic back roads on your race bike or trekking bike. Or if you prefer offroad, take one of our mountain bikes!...

Guided city bike tours and excursions in Malaga

For those who prefer to discover monuments of Malaga and culture in a relaxed way we offer guided city tours

If you also are interested in doing some sightseeing in Malaga and getting to know traditions during our guided city tour in Malaga please check the information about guided bike tours in Malaga and Marbella on the websites of our partners biketoursmalaga and biketoursmarbella.

City tours:
City Bike Tour Malaga
Panorama Bike Tour Malaga
City Bike Tour Marbella
Puerto Banus Bike Tour

Gastronomic tours:
Wine & Tapas Tour Malaga
Wine & Tapas Tour Marbella

Guided MOUNTAIN Bike TOURS in Malaga

With our guides you can do short (up to 4 hours) and long (over 4 hoursmountain bike rides in the Natural Park of Malaga, which you can find in the North of Malaga. The 15 minutes along the bicycle path to the Montes de Malaga is perfect for getting warmed up your legs. From there we go on wide save gravel paths. These are perfect to enjoy the pure nature in a sporty way. In the Montes de Malaga we can choose from routes with different elevations and distances.

MTB rides can be organized every day and you have different options how to participate:

● You can join an existing tour
● You can choose a route from our MTB CYCLING ROUTES
● Our guide can plan a route according to your needs

If you would like to join any another group or you want to ride a specific route, please let us know. We will check the possibilities and will inform you.

In order to prepare perfectly for your riding experience, please let us know your level of fitness, expected distance and elevation you would like to ride.

Cycling levels

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Up to (distance)... 15 km 20 km 30 km 40 km 50 km +
Elevation gain up to ... m uphill 700 m 900 m 1100 m 1200 m 1500 m +
Elevation gain up to ... m downhill 700 m  900 m 1100 m 1200 m 1500 m +
Please hold in mind, that we go in MTB the gained elevation from climbs also downhill afterwards. This can sometimes be very exhausting.

 All our mountain bike tours start from Malaga, the Capital of the Costa del Sol. Due to our perfect location we can go everywhere you want, all options are open.


Our mountain bikes

For our guided rides we use aluminium frame hardtail or full suspension mountain bikes bikes produced by Radon, equipped with fast 29' wheels, high quality Shimano and Deore components.

To get the best bike for you, please check our BIKE RENTAL, having there all technical information you could need to reserve your right size.

mtb hardtail – rent a bike Malaga guidedtours-crb
On all our MTB guided rides we use bikes from the famous german brand Radon, equipped with RockShox and Shimano components. Please find more info on our website under Bike Rental -> Mountain Bikes -> MTB Hardtail. Especially for longer guided MTB trips we offer full suspension bikes. With them you gain more comfort during the rides and you can master the more difficult downhills faster and easier. Please find more info on our website under Bike Rental -> Mountain Bikes -> MTB Full Suspension.


* Price for guide to be shared by whole group
* Every person pays per bike
* Maximum 7 persons in 1 group (2nd guide available for extra fee)

1 day ride
Up to 4 hours 80 € + 24 € 35 €
 Over 4 hours  140 € + 24 € 35 €
 2 days in row ride
Up to 4 hours 160 € + 42 € 60 €
 Over 4 hours 280 € + 42 € 60 €
 3 days in row ride
Up to 4 hours 240 € + 54 € 85 €
 Over 4 hours 420 € + 54 € 85 €
 4 days in row ride
Up to 4 hours 320 € + 66 € 105 €
 Over 4 hours 560 € + 66 € 105 €
 5 days in row ride
Up to 4 hours 400 € + 78 € 125 €
 Over 4 hours 700 € + 78 € 125 €
 6 days in row ride
Up to 4 hours 480 € + 90 € 145 €
Over 4 hours  840 € + 90 € 145 €
7 days in row ride
Up to 4 hours 560 € + 102 € 165 €
Over 4 hours  980 € + 102 € 165 €



● Helmet (recommended to bring your own)
● Click pedals (SPD, flat) (recommended to bring your own)
● Insurance to third-party
● Experienced local guide
● Energy bar and gel  (1 per day)
● 0,5 l bidon (1 per person)
● You can keep the bike overnight when you have a booking for more days. After a one-day ride you can keep the bike till closing time



● Your riding gear
● ID and Credit Card to sign the contract



● 3rd party insurance: bike2malaga has a Third Party Insurance. This means that damages caused to third parties by doing the activity are covered by the insurance. NOT covered: personal injuries, or damage to/by clients and bike during the bike rental or guided bike tour
● Before the start we ask you to sign waiver-contract and leave Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) deposit
● We would like to ask you to make a prepayment of 20 € to reserve guide for you



● Your preferred or chosen route
● Size of the bike you use and your body height
● What kind of pedals you need
● Dates you would like to ride
● Level of your fitness
● Expected kilometers and elevation



It is highly recommended to make a reservation in advance.

All the tours we offer are in English. Our guides also speak other languages, such as: German, Spanish, Russian or Czech. If you would like another language than English – please ask us about the options. We will try to meet your needs.