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Exits from Malaga by bike

How to leave the city center by bike?

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Biking route: Malaga -> Campanillas -> Los Nuñez -> Almogia -> Puerto de la Torre -> Malaga
Road bike route Malaga Almogia

Malaga cycling routes

Technical difficulty: level 2
Distance: 45,8 km
Elevation gain uphill: 898 m
Elevation gain downhill: 898 m
Elevation max: 452 m
Elevation min: 15 m

Road bike route description

This is a short moderate trip with one 6 km long but strong ascent. You will leave Malaga through A-7076 till Campanillas where you keep straight through the roundabout following A-47058. Having 18 km turn left across the river and start climbing through Los Nuñez. There are some strong parts close to 18% and the surface is mostly good.

Once you reach the top you have to go down to the crossroad and turn right trough MA-3402 enjoying 6 km long downhill along the lake El Casasola. If you lack a bit of water then enter Almogia. There is a fountain at the beginning of the village. Then take A-7075 to get some easy and short climbs before Malaga.

Entering quarter Puerto de la Torre you are again in Malaga and keep on following sings to the city center.

logo-wikilocYou can find more details to this cycling route and download this trail for your GPS, Google Earth or Open Map from Wikiloc page bike2malaga >>>

For this cycle route we recommend primarily road bikes, you can also cycle this route on touring bikes or mountain bikes.

This bike route is not a commercial route, but a recommendation from our side for your bicycle journey in Andalusia. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the cards for any inconvenience occurring on the journey and for the quality of routes marked on the map. It is your responsibility to maintain and take proper care of the rented bicycles to get to at the time of rental inherited condition of the bikes the applicable rules and regulations on traffic safety and on the road. The decision on which route you want to travel and what attractions you wish to visit is yours.

We are very grateful for your suggestions for improvements and suggestions to improve our bike routes in the future!

We also ask you to consider that we do not provide return service in the event of flat tires or other damage to the bike, and you need to return the damaged wheel independently to our shop. To protect themselves in advance against punctures, we offer in our shop emergency tools for purchase that allow the drive after a flat tire.