Bike rental & delivery service in Malaga

Bike rental & delivery service in Malaga

Would you like to get to know Malaga by bike, to do a mountain bike journey through the mountains of Malaga, or are you thinking about to discover the beautiful landscape of Andalusia or the famous 'pueblos blancos' – the white villages by bike? bike2malaga should be your first choice, because we can offer you everything you need for your next bicycle holidays to detect Malaga and it's surrounding by bike!...

Delivery and Pick Up

We also offer a delivery and a pick up service for our bikes in the province of Malaga

If you would like to order this delivery and pick up service of the bikes please contact us beforehand indicating the exact address of you hotel or apartment. Here you can find more information about the transporting service that we offer.

Guided bike tours

We also offer guided MTB tours in Malaga and road bike tours in Andalusia.

We offer a lot of different bike tours for people who are planning their cycling holiday in Malaga. Here you can find information about road bike cycling training in Andalusia or guided mountain bike tours in Malaga.

Always lock the bicycles

Please do never leave our rental bicycles unlocked on the streets. Please also take in account the bike parts, which are easy to dismantle (e.g. saddle, pump, etc.) if you leave the bike unattended on the streets.

If you keep the bike within sight, it is enough to block the rear wheel with the back lock (every City Bikes we rent with bike2malaga are equipped with a back lock). If you leave the bicycle out of your sight, it is essential to lock it on a fix object (f.e. bench, lantern, or fence). For bikes with great value, like the road bikes, we advise you to NOT let them out of sight, even when they are securely tied. ATTENTION: Do not leave the bicycles in front of the city hall. The city government doesn’t like that.

A lock is already included in the rental rate.

Safe bicycle park in Malaga during the night

Please always make sure to lock your bicycle in Malaga. Therefor please avoid quiet streets and places. We recommend you to leave the bicycle on heavily trafficked roads, but in no case in front of discotheques, bars or pubs, especially not during the night. If you follow those guidelines, you can protect the bicycles of vandalism and bike theft.

Where to leave the bicycle in Malaga during the night

The best way to leave bicycles during the night is in special rooms for that. When you are not sure if your hotel provides parking or a room for bikes, we can call the hotel ad ask for you. If there is no possibility to leave the bicycle inside the hotel, you can bring it back to the shop of bike2malaga and leave it here during the night. You can pick up the bikes on the next morning and bring them back in the evening. If necessary we can arrange times for that outside of our opening hours. In any case: also lock the bicycles inside the hotels.

Transportation of the bicycles inside your car

It is possible to transport our bicycles inside your car. But we recommend not to leave the bicycles inside the car during the night.