Bike rental & delivery service in Malaga

Bike rental & delivery service in Malaga

Would you like to get to know Malaga by bike, to do a mountain bike journey through the mountains of Malaga, or are you thinking about to discover the beautiful landscape of Andalusia or the famous 'pueblos blancos' – the white villages by bike? bike2malaga should be your first choice, because we can offer you everything you need for your next bicycle holidays to detect Malaga and it's surrounding by bike!...

Delivery and Pick Up

We also offer a delivery and a pick up service for our bikes in the province of Malaga

If you would like to order this delivery and pick up service of the bikes please contact us beforehand indicating the exact address of you hotel or apartment. Here you can find more information about the transporting service that we offer.

Guided bike tours

We also offer guided MTB tours in Malaga and road bike tours in Andalusia.

We offer a lot of different bike tours for people who are planning their cycling holiday in Malaga. Here you can find information about road bike cycling training in Andalusia or guided mountain bike tours in Malaga.

We have selected some of the sights and places of Malaga, which we consider to be interesting and which can be visited as part of a cycling tour in the West of Malaga. They are ordered by their distance from the center of Malaga. It is up to you whether you visit all the points in order, omitting a few points, or find new ways to combine these bike route with other tours in and around Malaga.

This bike route is not a commercial route, but a recommendation from our side for your bicycle journey in Malaga. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the cards for any inconvenience occurring on the journey and for the quality of routes marked on the map. It is your responsibility to maintain and take proper care of the rented bicycles to get to at the time of rental inherited condition of the bikes the applicable rules and regulations on traffic safety and on the road. The decision on which route you want to travel and what attractions you wish to visit is yours.

We are very grateful for your suggestions for improvements and suggestions to improve our bike routes in the future!

We also ask you to consider that we do not provide return service in the event of flat tires or other damage to the bike, and you need to return the damaged wheel independently to our shop. To protect themselves in advance against punctures, we offer in our shop emergency tools for purchase that allow the drive after a flat tire.

1. Plaza de la Marina

The bike route starts at the Plaza de la Marina, or directly in front of the bike2malaga shop. It starts towards the river Guadalmedina, which is located in the west of our shop. Then over the bridge and there also begins the bike path.

2. Guadalmedina

This river is mostly dry and is flooded by the dam only during heavy rains. Because of that, northwards the malaguean also enjoy to play volleyball or football inside the riverbed.

3. CAC – Museo y Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (Center for Contemporary Art)

The CAC has changing contemporary art exhibitions and is well worth a visit. CAC is located about 200 meters to the north of the bridge.

4. Neighbourhood Huelín

Malaga bike tour to TorremolinosThis district was created by workers in times of the industrialization in the 19th century. Here once stood the industrial factories, such as textile, tobacco and flourmills, and rail road and chemical plants. The name comes from Eduardo Huelin Reissig. He built the first residential building (called viviendas) for the workers. Remained from this time are on the right, the park and some factory chimneys. The Tobacco Factory (Tabacalera) is the next port of call.

5. Tabacalera

The complete name is: Real Fabrica de Tabaco de Malaga. Today in the buildings there is located the Automobile Museum of Malaga.

6. Misericordia beach

Bicycle roads in Malaga – cycling path in MisericordiaThe bike route now leads you on the other side of the beach promenade of Misericordia. This used to be the industrial zone, and today it is one of the most popular places for the people of Malaga to enjoy the sun and the sea.

It is also one of the beaches where the Ola del Melillero phenomenon occurs. This refers to the much higher waves, which are caused by the departing Melilla Ferry (Melillero). To admire is the whole day at about 19:30 clock. Caution: the bicycles do not put too close to the water's edge!

Also here are many fish restaurants that invite you to a Espeto de Sardina and other local delicacies.

7. The factory chimney Los Guindos

Sightseeing in Malaga – Chimenea Los GuindosChimenea Los Guindos is located on the bike path to the west of Malaga. The factory served the processing of lead, which was delivered from Jaén and it was one of the many factories that were common on the whole coast. This chimney was built in 1922. With its 100 meters it was his time to the highest chimney of Spain and was actively used until 1979.

8. Chimney of the power station – La Central Térmica de la Misericordia – and the district Sacaba

Another chimney that has remained from that time. Until the year 2012, it had a graffiti reading "No a la Guerra", meaning "No War" is. Here is also the end of the beach promenade.

Cycle Route Planner Malaga – Bike trip to Malaga EastSacaba is the last district of Malaga. At this another mouth of the Río Guadalhorce, you must either turn right to the road or go on unpaved paths along the river. Then to the second bridge, which is suitable for cyclists and pedestrians.

9. Guadalhorce river

Now you must go over the river and make sure that you cross on the left side of the river.

The Guadalhorce Valley is a very fertile land and is still used for agriculture. Nowadays it is an area to be very good cultivated in the valley including avocados, oranges, lemons and any fruit and grow vegetables.

10. Estadio Martin Carpena – Sports Arena

Cycling between Malaga and TorremolinosHere are taking place the games of the famous basketball team Club Baloncesto Unicaja Malaga.

11. Bird Sanctuary

There is a bird sanctuary between the river arms. Leave the bridge after crossing it over the river. Follow the unpaved road towards the sea, passing under the first Bridge (A7) and go over a small bridge, which is on the left. Now you are in the bird sanctuary. Inside the bird park there are some cycling paths and facilities to observe the birds.

After the bird sanctuary there is the settlement of San Julian.

12. Torremolinos

Malaga cycling routes – bike from Malaga tu TorremolinosTorremolinos – the nearest town – the capital and mecca of the Spanish mass tourism. If you drive along the river you get to the beach. But it's not possible to go from there directly to Torremolinos. There is no direct way, since there is a golf course that leads to the beach. To get from there to Torremolinos, one would have to push the bike through the sand. Best to take after the birds sanctuary-bridge the first right, pass the urbanization of San Julian and the golf courses and turn left. After this place begins the beach promenade of Torremolinos.

13. Playa Alamos (beach)

On the beaches during the high season there is to enjoy a lot. Starting with festivals, concerts and typical holidays, which are celebrated on the beach. Also a large number of modern bars and restaurants are located on this stretch of the beach.

14. Beach promenade: Torremolinos and Benalmadena

Kleinere Brücke zum Vogelschutzgebiet auf dem Radweg nach TorremolinosAfter the promenade of  Torremolinos the bike path leads you to Benalmadena. On the way you can take a trip into the old town of Torremolinos, pay attention to the signs on the CASCO ANTIGUO (Old Town).

15. Port Benalmadena (Puerto de Benalmádena)

The port of Benalmadena shows itself during the day with its magnificent yachts and shops and in the evening blooms the life in the bars and nightclubs.

16. Benalmadena

Malaga bike tours – route to TorremolinosHere you are about 20 kilometres away from Malaga. A highlight in Benalmadena is the beach in Arroyo de la Miel. Above the town there is also much to see: a buddhist temple, a water park, the teleférico (cable car up to the highest mountain in the area) and much more.

17. Fuengirola

After the port of Benalmadena the beach promenade ends. Continue driving then the N-340 highway to the beach promenade of Fuengirola or the city center. The Castillo Sohail – ruins of the medieval small castle – is located at the end of the path.

18. Castillo Sohail

Beach promenade of Benalmadena – bike tours MalagaTo go along the beach promenade or visiting the Sohail Castle is always worthwhile. Sometimes festivals and weddings are celebrated here. The fortress has no special features, but serves as a very beautiful photo backdrop and you can enjoy a beautiful view from the top.

Now it unfortunately no longer continues, because the next road is only an highway. We don't recommend going there with the bicycles.

More facts, figures and interesting stories around Malaga you can experience during our guided bike tours.


Bicycle route to the west coast of Malaga on map

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