Bike rental & delivery service in Malaga

Bike rental & delivery service in Malaga

Would you like to get to know Malaga by bike, to do a mountain bike journey through the mountains of Malaga, or are you thinking about to discover the beautiful landscape of Andalusia or the famous 'pueblos blancos' – the white villages by bike? bike2malaga should be your first choice, because we can offer you everything you need for your next bicycle holidays to detect Malaga and it's surrounding by bike!...

Delivery and Pick Up

We also offer a delivery and a pick up service for our bikes in the province of Malaga

If you would like to order this delivery and pick up service of the bikes please contact us beforehand indicating the exact address of you hotel or apartment. Here you can find more information about the transporting service that we offer.

Guided bike tours

We also offer guided MTB tours in Malaga and road bike tours in Andalusia.

We offer a lot of different bike tours for people who are planning their cycling holiday in Malaga. Here you can find information about road bike cycling training in Andalusia or guided mountain bike tours in Malaga.

We chose some sights and places of Malaga, which we find interesting and which you can visit during the Bike Route to the Malaga East Coast. They are organized from their distance to the city centre of Malaga. You can choose if you would like to visit all points of interest in that order or if you prefer to leave some sights, find new routes or to combine that route with others cycling routes in Malaga.

This bike route is a non-commercial route. It is a recommendation on our part for your bike journey in Malaga. Please be sympathetic about the fact, that we are not responsible for any inaccuracies of the maps, for any possible inconvenience during the bike tour and for the habit of the roads and bike paths. It belongs to your reach of responsibility to follow the existing rules and guidelines for roadworthiness and participation on road traffic and to take care of the bicycles to keep the state of the bikes as good as in the moment of the rental. It is up to you to choose which routes and sights you would like to go on and to visit.

For suggested improvements to enhance our bike tours and our service we are very thankful!

Moreover we inform you, that we can't offer a pick up service in case of punctures or other damages on the bikes. Please bring the damaged bikes on your own to our shop. To protect you against punctures, we offer an anti-puncture foam in our shop. After putting the foam inside the tire it is possible to go on bicycling also with a flat tire.

Biking in Malaga Harbour1. Plaza de la Marina

This bicycle tour along the east coast begins at the Plaza de la Marina, directly next to our shop bike2malaga. On the Plaza de la Marina you can find the sculpture of the Cenachero – a malaguean fish seller of times past.

2. Muelle Uno – Harbour of Malaga

Opened in November 2011, Muelle Uno is the new commercial and entertainment part of the harbour of Malaga. It offers you varied restaurants, different shops and a nice seaside with private yards, touristic excursion boats and the big cruise liners from all over the world. Not without a reason the Muelle Uno in Malaga is one of the most important venues in Spain.

Malaga beach La Malagueta – East coast cycle route Malaga

Malaga is a seaport town since centuries, because the natural bay offered a good protection against sea pirates and bandits. In Muelle Uno you can find the lighthouse La Farola on the south side and the tower of the cathedral in the north. Moreover the chapel of the seafarers with the holy virgin Virgen del Carmen de los Marineros is located in the port.

3. Lighthouse La Farola

It was built in the 19. century of the engineer Joaquín María Pery Guzman. It is one of the town's landmarks and welcomes visitors of Malaga since 1817.

4. District La Malagueta

Cycle Route Planner – PedregalejoLa Malagueta, named similar like the adjoining beach, is a modern part of the city of Malaga with the nice beach and restaurants. To a special stop you are invited to one of the numerous Chiringuitos – little restaurants directly at the beach.

It is very difficult to explain Chiringuitos in one word. You have to witness it.
Some of them offer drinks and food, others you can see as a type of beach club with beach loungers and shade-givers. The Chiringuitos are located at the whole coast side of Malaga.

5. Baños del Carmen – old bathing resort

A former beach resort and pleasure ground for the malaguean people. If you have a look from the Baños del Carmen back to the historic city of Malaga, you have a wonderful view to get the lighthouse, the tower of the cathedral and the fortress Alcazaba together in one picture.Baños del Carmen – Malaga Sightseeing East part

6. Nereo Museum

Directly behind the Baños del Carmen the historical ships wharf is situated, where they built ships and traditional boats (Jábegas). Today they also restore boats and ships inside the wharf. It is also possible to look on how they build those boats and to visit the historical museum.

7. Borough Pedregalejo

Cycling in Malaga beach PedregalejosIn Pedregalejo you can find the most popular beaches in Malaga. It invites you with it's car free waterfront, seamed of restaurants and bars, not only during the summer months to stroll around.

8. Borough El Palo

El Palo is an old fisherman's village, which is directly connected to Pedregalejo. Here you can find also many restaurants and beach bars, which offer culinary specialities of the region.

For those who like fish should really schedule a stop in El Palo in one of the numerous restaurants, which are famous for their preparation of fresh fish: skewers of lubina, dorada, salmonettes and other fishes and seafood are grilled by the fire. A must have are the Espeto de Sardinas, the grilled sardines (also favourite dish of the Malaguenos on the beach). Not expensive, delicious and steadily fresh.El Palo – Malaga sightseeing

9. El Candado

At the end of the beach promenade there is a small marina – east end of Malaga. We continue towards Peñón del Cuervo. At the gas station, you have to drive about 100 meters next to a highway. But there is a side stripe with distinction, also with children no problem.


10. Peñon del Cuervo

Small harbour on the cycle route in MalagaAgain begins a beautiful bike path to direction La Cala del Moral, a small town in the east of Malaga. On the right side there are back the beautiful beaches and the Peñón del Cuervo, a rock on the beach. The path is accompanied by some tunnels.

11. Araña beach

The name of this fisherman village is derived from the name of a small fish. Those looking for secluded beaches, are resourceful here.


12. La Cala del Moral

Cycle road in Malaga east partHere you will also find many beach bars, but it's rather cozy and quiet too.

13. Rincón de la Victoria

Rincón de la Victoria is not only an attraction because of its beautiful beaches, but also the castle of Bezmiliana built in the 18th century is worthwhile. Feature of this beach town is the chapel, which was built at the beginning of the promenade inside the beach rocks. Also the Tesoro Cave is worth a visit. In the different rooms, which were inhabited in Palaeolithic, cave paintings can still be found today.

14. End of the beach promenade

When you arrive at the end of Rincon de la Victoria, one is about 15 miles away from the center of Malaga and the shop bike2malaga. Continue from here on the highway to Nerja (about 50 km from Malaga). We recommend starting your trip back here.

More facts, figures and interesting stories around Malaga you can experience during our guided bike tours.


Bicycle route to the east coast of Malaga on map

Cycling Route – Malaga East Side show on a bigger map