Bicycle lights

Cycling equipment – Bicycle lights

Infini Amuse bicycle light: Frontlight (white) or Backlight (red). Flashig and constant mode, water resistant. There isn't any mounting bracket required and it can be set easily.

Price: 10 €

Hotel bike bell

Bicycle bell Hotelbikebell

A new unique type of bell, the hotelfietsbel. Known to many as the "service bell". Now the new gadget of the moment for cycling. The trend of the hotelfietsbel started in Amsterdam and is now available in our bike2malaga shop. Easy to fit on the bike as fun innovative gadget or give as a special gift.

Price: 30 €

Folding lock TRELOCK

Safe lock for bicycle Malaga

Folding bicycle lock, Tredur steel, anti-corrosive. Very safe, easy to deploy, comfortable and stylish. Fixable on frame of bike. Chain length: 85 cm. Dimensions in folded state: 19.5x5.5x4 cm. Weight: 700g. Color: black.

Price: 50 €

Anti-Puncture Foam

Cycling equipment and bike parts Malaga

Anti-Puncture Foam – designed to repair and inflate punctured bicycles (holes diameter less than 1 mm) instantly without tools. Supports Presta and Schraeder valves.

Price: 5 €

Cycling bottles

Bidons – bicycle equipment Malaga

Bidons – light weight cycling bottles on the go, with 500 ml volume.

Price: 3 €

Bicycle Tube 28" for Road bikes

Bike tube road bikes – Malaga bike parts

Quality bicycle tube for road bike 28", Presta valve (42mm).

Price: 6 €

Bicycle Tube 26"

Malaga bike parts

Quality bicycle tube 26", Schrader valve (35mm).

Price: 6 €

Bicycle Tube 28"

Bicycle parts Malaga

Quality bicycle tube 28", Schrader valve (35mm).

Price: 6 €

Road racing tyre

Malaga bicycle parts shop

Bike tyreMichelin Pro 4 Endurance Tire 700x23.

Price: 25 €

Bicycle helmet

Bicycle equipment shop Malaga

Bell Cycling helmet Alchera 2012 – a micro mold frame fusion, 18 vents, belt clip CamLock and positioning system. Different sizes. Weight: 309 g.

Price: 60 €

Puncture Repair Kit – Sport

Bicycle equipment shop Malaga

Puncture repair kit Rema Tip Top - TT04 Sport – the repair kit TT 04 Sport includes extra thin patches for road bikes.

Price: 4 €

Puncture Repair Kit – MTB

Cycling accessories Malaga

Puncture repair kit Rema Tip Top - TT05 Mountainbike. Includes: Patches of different sizes and shapes, sandpaper, a tube of bonding (5g), 2 tyre levers.

Price: 5 €

Outdoor Set – Quick help

Quick help for cyclist and traveller

BALLISTOL-Outdoor Set – offers quick help in any situation. The set includes: Ballistol spray mosquito/insect (10ml); Neo Ballistol home remedy for wound care, relief and healing;
wound dressings four units (including for children with drawings) and a 0.5 meter strip for cutting to size; gauze compress; triangular bandage; 3 cushion pressure points; 2 Disposable gloves; roll of tape; gauze bandage; plaster roll; scissors

Price: 10 €

Radler Set – Cyclist-kit

Radler set – cyclists kit

Radler BALLISTOL Set – offers quick help for cyclists. The set includes: Ballistol spray (universal oil); patches in different sizes and shapes; waterproof poncho; set of band aids; 3 tire levers; vulcanizer; grinder; scissors.

Price: 10 €

SPD pedals

Buy spd pedals Malaga

SPD pedals Shimano PD-M520 – compact body design with open anchor for easy anchoring. With adjustable tension- and release-anchor. Chromium alloy axle shaft and low maintenance sealed cartridge. Includes creeks, adjustable spring tension. Weight: 380g (pair).

Price: 30 €

SPD SL pedals

SPD SL pedals in bike shop Malaga

SPD SL pedals Shimano PD-R540 – excellent value SPD-SL compatible road bike pedals for a secure interface with your cycling shoes. Supplied with 6° float cleats and sporting a wide profile, Shimano PD-R540 are the perfect introduction to performance road cycling pedals. Weight: 330 g (pair).

Price: 30 €